About us

STEEL FAB DE MEXICO SA DE CV, was Established in 2005 under the name of STEEL FAB DE MEXICO, although its origins can be traced back the pioneering work and efforts of Mr. Rodolfo Garcia, who in 1979 founded a small business under the name of “Estructurados” to serve the local Steel Making Plant (AHMSA) as a supplier of Structural Steel Fabrication, which years later would be engaged in the Manufacture of Specialized Fabrication of Complex Structures and OEM-Parts for a different variety of Industries.

STEEL FAB DE MEXICO SA DE CV, is a Fabrication, Engineering, Insulation, and Erection Company, pertaining to the SANTA ANA INDUSTRIAL GROUP; we are a NAFTA certified company, working under IMMEX program for temporary Import/ Export of materials and finished products originating from the NAFTA countries at a zero percent tax rate. We are ideally positioned for attending all your general fabrication needs, and we count with all the Experience, Equipment, Qualified labour force, and Certifications required to the Manufacture and Provision of any parts for the general Metal Mechanic Industry

We count on a team of Highly Qualified fitters & welders certified in welding processes such as GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, GTAW, SAW, & TAFFA, having our own Qualified Welder Inspectors by AWS (CWI/AWS), who also engineer, test, document, and qualify all of the welding procedures we use for welding. Plus, we also count on all of the services provided by a Steel Service Center, such as plate cutting, drilling, punching, bending, special forming, painting, galvanizing, insulating, and field installation & erection.

Also, our company counts on a very strong machining department, which can do things like Milling-all positions, Turning, Special Drilling, Threading, Moulding. Our machine shop has the capabilities to process pieces starting at that of ½”Ø up to 33ft Ø, and 20 ft Height, and up to 70,000 Kg in weight.

We also count on a “CNC” machining department, where we have Lathes, Milling Centers, Threading Centers, and Multi Axes Machining Centers; All of these CNC equipment provide us with the capabilities of manufacturing massive quantities of machined-fabricated parts for the Industry in General.

As far as Fabrication-Assembly-Welding, we count on an area formed of 8 buildings adding all together a working spot of 685,000 sq.ft of enclosed shop floor space; and 650,000 sq.ft of open area for storage of finished products, material reception, and trial fitting of parts.

Our lifting capacity starts with 10 overhead cranes of 66,000 Lb capacity, 5 overhead cranes of 110,000 Lbs capacity, and 5 overhead cranes with 55,000 Lbs capacity; Also 10 forklifts of 35,000 Lb lifting capacity; and 8 RT cranes of 80,000 Lb capacity. These among many other small-size lifting equipment.

We also count on an Project Engineering Department, which has the capabilities to develop “shop detailed” drawings, starting off of the basic engineering designs, standards, and codes provided by our clients; Our engineering team works with software such as AutoCAD, Mini.CAD, Micro-Station, Solid EGDE, SAP, Solid Works, Structural Manager, WinCAT, Master CAM, and NX-8.5 By Siemens PLM.